The Year Of The ???

not just on placemats!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

Sure 2009 is almost here, but what is the next animal in the Chinese Zodiac?

a Stitch in time saves nine


The Year of the Stitch??  Wrong!!


Well, Hello Kitty!!


The Year of the Hello Kitty??  Wrong again!!!


quit bugging me!


The Year of the Bugs?  Wrong again … again!!

Three strikes for you Hot Shot!!


I’ll narrow it down for you.

the usual suspects


That’s right Hot Shot! It’s going to be … The Year of the …

mooooove over rat face!


get a little closer to the fire Mr. Cow!


what a cow!


get off my back and wait for the year of the horse!


so cute I'm gonna puke!


Are you from Kobe Cow-san?


Yeah! I got milk!  Who wants to know?


COW!!!!!!!!  COW!!!!!!!   COW!!!!!!!!   COW!!!!!!!!!   COW!!!!!!!!


note: in Japan it’s called the “Year of the Cow” not the “Year of the Ox“.  All the merchandise is ready for January 1st!! It makes life so much easier.

double note: in Japan people send New Year’s postcards. The Post Office keeps the cards and waits until January 1st to deliver them all!! How cool is that? mildly cool I guess.

triple note: on January 1st in Japan, the “National 3 Legged Race” championships are televised. All the best Junior High School teams compete to be #1!   Not just 2 people with their legs tied together, but 20 or so people. (seriously)  It does look pretty cool!  

quadruple note: if you hover the cursor over the pictures, there is a little caption. That takes time you know! … just saying.

6 responses to “The Year Of The ???

  1. Yaaay!

    Or should I say…


    Is the Japanese calendar similar to the Chinese calendar? Does the calendar start in February?

  2. I thought it was a pig. Year of Bacon sounded mighty fine to me as I’m just waking up.

  3. Year of Rump Roast sounds okay to me.

    planetross, how do they manage to get 3 legs from a group of 20 or so? My mind is conjuring an image akin to those Chinese circus bicycle performers, and I just know that’s got to be wrong.

    Check out Mark Tansey’s paintingThe Innocent Eye Test for a Western cow image.

  4. Why did you keep calling us Hot Shots? I’ve never even shot a gun in my life, unless you count a bb gun.

    Yeah, slice me off some cow as well. Pannonica and I will eat well tonight!

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    pannonica: I stand corrected; it’s the “31 legged race” and it’s 30 elementary students on a team.(jr. highschool students do team jump roping). Check out this youtube video for a look:

    The Mark Tansey painting is udderly cool!

    S. Le: Sorry, I was thinking of Dennis Hopper in “Speed” when I was doing that entry. I was going to throw in a few “Nice try Butterscotch!” from Mickey Rooney in “Night at the Museum“; but decided against it.

    w1kkp: I think it’s always the year of the pig, cow, or chicken in my frying pan. hee hee!

    Pomeroy!: Japan runs on the regular Western calendar for most things, however … a lot of governmental things use the Emperor’s Year (it’s the 20th year of the present Emperor and will switch to 21 on January 1st). It’s a mix over here; like using metric and imperial kind of.
    The Chinese New Year is acknowledged, but in Japan all the animal year stuff is tied into January 1st now.
    Personally, I don’t think the Japanese like equating the “Year of the ….” with China for some reason. To use the U.S. and Canada as an example, it’s like arguing over who has the real Groundhog; which Thanksgiving came first, or what is better CFL vs NFL.

  6. When a cow is retired, is it pasturized?

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