On Planetross: The Movesies and Nomovesies

movesies and nomovesies


On Planetross the movesies and nomovesies are very interesting.

There are waterclimbs and slowpids, small continents and large islands, tiny oceans and giant lakes, lush deserts and desolate sunforests, small mountains and large hills, barren jungles and outdoor caves, and many bottomless piles.

Zepanties and  goodbyepopotamuses roam free. 

Vegetable flies and manbugs buzz around rainflowers and dandetigers.

People plant trees in their gardens and harvest flowers to keep their houses warm.

Dragonwalks, grassstanders, cees and waterflies arrive in Spring.

Summer brings firemelons, cob on the corn, busrots, threematos, line-upcumbers, and something that looks like an orange but it’s blue.

Kangaroobarb, deflatekins, and chickenplants grow wild.

Fall falls and Winter wins.

There are 3 other seasons, but only people on the the small seas experience them; and they don’t talk about them much.

It’s all quite normal if you live here.


note: On Planetross is still orbiting.

double note: the spellcheck went crazy!!!

triple note: What came first the eggplant or the chickenpox?



7 responses to “On Planetross: The Movesies and Nomovesies

  1. I spent all that mental energy decoding the post and the answers were in the tags all along?!?

    Take me to your leader!

  2. Strange that the tag section is nearly as long as the post.

    Things on Planetross are in a strange state of affairs. No dust bunnies in your brain, are there?

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    pannonica: I don’t know why I did that, but I can’t undid it now! I think it started with the tag “seed” and just grew from there! hee hee!

    note: the “seed” isn’t there anymore; don’t go looking for it.

    S. Le: I’m thinking of just having a blank post with a lot of tags. What do you think?

    note: why is “uncategorized” a category?

  4. re: note: I created a “Categorized” category almost as soon as I started my blog.

  5. “Fall falls and winter wins”

    Monsieur planetross back from squandering time with very inspired posts… You should have Christmas more often.

    I’m intrigued by the “seed.”

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    pannonica: you are one step ahead of me! I might as well stand still and in awe! hee hee!
    I might have to create a “dogegorized” or “catfishorized” category now.
    I am so behind with everything!! Why don’t people tell me this while they are looking over their shoulders at me? urrrrrrhhh!!!

    nathaliewithanh: hoo hoo! looks who’s peeking in! Are we having fun on our vacationsies?
    Everyday is Christmas on Planetross … or Christmas is everday … I forget … it’s all so confusing.

  7. Trying to stay away from scissor wielding psychopathic sister. Same old, same old…

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