Vest Human

Simply The Vest!


I know my Japanese is less than great, but … I wouldn’t make up stickers for my van without getting a second opinion.


note:  a basectomy doesn’t sound so horribly bad now.

double note: b‘s and v‘s take a veating ober here; r‘s and l‘s do too! I think in Japan I’m “pranetloss“!

triple note: I think that kid is holding a broccoli icecream cone too!

quadruple note: I’ve put on 3 entries tonight: check out the other 2 if you are so inclined.

7 responses to “Vest Human

  1. I don’t know if this is true, but I heard that the Mitsubishi “Starion” was a miss-spelling of “Stallion”.

  2. I understand one has to take one’s shoes off in the bestivule.

  3. I tried Google for “vest human” and hit the “I feel lucky” search. It brought me here. I feel cheated somehow.

  4. I wonder why their english translations on signs are so murky, you would think they had proof readers for such a small sign!

  5. My wife always told me that in the trailer for The Craft, the announcer says “Ze-CraftO!!!”

    I still say that to myself all of the time.

  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    razzbuffnik: I wouldn’t argue with you about that one. The top 2 “catch phrases” on tv this year were: “Guuuuu” meaning “good” … and “Arafo” meaning “around 40 years old”.

    pannonica: one must and does! or they will get the ribing clap veaten out of them!

    S. Le: all searches end up here. I guess people think I’ve stolen their stuff or something. Don’t feel cheated; feel really cheated! hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: you would think that, but it’s not the case … as far as I’ve seen.

    Pomeroy!: it’s probably true. James Bond is definitely pronounced, “Jamuzu Bondo“.

  7. “James Bond is definitely pronounced, “Jamuzu Bondo“.

    I always liked “store-oo-berry milku-shakoo. Another favorite was, “Mac Donaldo hambargu.

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