Alien Christmas

Christmas must seem very alien to … aliens.


note: for the best Christmas song ever, click here .
my buddy Graham introduced me to this one a long time ago)

double note: When the aliens land I bet they will laugh at Universal Gyms and will be pretty pissed off about not being invited to the Mr. Universe competition.

triple note: If hostile aliens land on Christmas, I think mankind will be safe. No lifeform could possibly exterminate another species wearing Christmas hats and pulling crackers!

quadruple note: I don’t need an alien for Christmas; I already got one!

5 responses to “Christmalien

  1. I don’t thing aliens will wipe out Christmas or the human race. Consultants and efficiency experts might. Visit me at
    put your laughin’ shoes on and read “Claus and the Consultant.”

  2. You ARE one, yeah? An alien in Japan for Christmas.

    Nice song. I sent it to my chum.

  3. I’m thinking that the alien would sound mighty funning singing carols. At least he has the hat for it!


  4. Aliens always look so serious, don’t they know how to have fun in space?

  5. Thanks for all the comment.

    sandysays1: I think Christmas will be safe. Afterall, Santa Claus did conquer the martians a long time ago!

    S. Le: I’m glad you like the song. An English buddy of mine introduced to me that one during the 1999 Christmas season.

    Turkish Prawn: I agree!

    Tony: I guess they are too busy flying around and invading stuff.

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