The Reinchicken

amazing reindeer

Every year I make reindeer faces with my students.

I trace each student’s hands and one of their feet. They cut them out, glue them on another piece of paper, draw in eyes and a nose, and print their name and age at the bottom.

As the “tracer“, it’s very apparent who bites their nails, who’s ticklish, and who needs new socks.

When I trace feet, I usually count out 6 or 7  toes and then look very amazed.
If I help someone cut out a hand, I invariably cut out one of the fingers abnormally long and then look amazed.

sideshow material

I look amazed a lot.

I also tell the story of the unfortunate “fictional” student who only has one hand and has to make a reinchicken every year.



note: running with scissors is bad, but jogging with them is okay.

double note: I wish rabbits had antlers, so I could do the same activity at Easter.

triple note: Rein on the Chicken, blood on the plow!

6 responses to “The Reinchicken

  1. Your reindeer and chicken are ridiculously cute! I remember doing the same thing to make a Thanksgiving Turkey decoration, but I suspect a Canadian teacher in Japan doesn’t get much call for those, eh?

  2. It looks a bit like a roadrunner.
    Reinchicken, the coyote’s after you
    Reinchicken, if he catches you you’re through

  3. The hand with the long finger looks like a witch’s hand. Is it?

  4. This is so clever! I may do this with my students. Is that ok? I like the chicken one.

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    jimsmuse: I think Kelly Pettit told me about this little activity 6 or 7 years ago.
    You are correct about Thanksgiving: that holiday (U.S. and Canadian ones) goes by without a crayon being lifted.

    Tony: bawk bawk!

    S. Le: Yes! I had to search all over the place for a hand model for this … well, no not really. I was completely wasting your time on this comment.

    Tammy: If I can do this, anyone can do this. Have fun!

    Turkish Prawn: your comment just snuck in here while I trying and failing to come up with witty replies for all the comments.
    The “Jakalope” should be the new symbol for Easter! People could hang decorations on the antlers too! I’m not sure what kind of decorations a person would hang for Easter though: it could get tasteless. Forget I mentioned it.

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