Pet Shops


 The pet shop was really busy on the weekend. Everyone and their future dog was there!

note: pet shops are just boring zoos with livelier stuff to buy in the gift shop.

double note: every pet store has raccoons; you just have to ask for a raccoon dog … without the dog.

triple note:

Rocky Raccoon
Gave me a wound
And made me go google
Rabies Vaccines.

4 responses to “Pet Shops

  1. Since we live in a woods, we have a lot of raccoons in our yard. You can have one. The ones wandering listlessly around during the day should, however, be avoided.

  2. He looks a nasty little critter, wwe don’t have thwem here in Tasmania, we just have to watch out for the Tasmanian Devils

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: raccoons in the daytime = needles at the hospital.

    Tony: in Japan there are “Tanuki”: raccoon looking things that are very raccoonish but not so cute.

  4. Just wondering, with my last comment, do I earn credits for extra W’s

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