Wishful Thinking #5


You won’t have to buy any replacement bulbs for your Christmas tree or outdoor lights this year.


single scoop: I bet all your strands were neatly wrapped away last year too!

double scoop: Hey Mr. Fly! You’re not eating very fast.

triple scoop: Why hasn’t anyone ever commented on the fact that soft serve ice cream doesn’t come in scoops?

quadruple scoop: If you’ve missed the last 4, they are still here and here and here and here.



3 responses to “Wishful Thinking #5

  1. Why do I always think of Jeff Goldblum every time I see a fly?

    It wasn’t even THAT good.

    That silly Brundlefly.

  2. Your page is snowing!

    Wishful thinking: It’ll snow 3 feet high and I’ll get a week off work (like i need it 😉
    I’ll finally see Santa flying around outside with his reindeer.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Pomeroy!: I remember liking The Fly. (your comment has stumped me; I can’t add anything sassy or even mildly interesting to this one).

    buskerman: Hey! Who’s writing the Wishful Thinkings here? How about: It snows so much the airport closes for a week and you have to have Christmas with your friend with the BBQ.

    note: I wonder if these wordpress people can make the screen rain, hail, fog over, get cloudy, or erupt into thunder and lightning storms?

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