Money Making Scheme #10

"hub" caps

I’m going to sell “hubcap” caps  called “hub caps” or “hubbies”.


note: if things work out maybe I’ll expand the line with “gas“, “salary“, and “bottle” caps!

assorted caps


double note:knee” and “ice” caps may find a market as well. (sorry no drawings)

 triple note: Money Making Scheme #1 and #2 and #3 and #4 and #5 and #6 and #7  and #8  and #9 are still scheming.

 quadruple note:  Have I done 10 of these things already? How come I’m not rich yet?

4 responses to “Money Making Scheme #10

  1. I’m sure the money will start rollin’ in soon.
    Maybe you’re trying too hard, just relax & the money will come to you.
    I got an offer of $80 million dollars in an email from Nigeria a couple of days ago & I wasn’t even trying to get filthy rich.

  2. What about an “Ass Cap”? And the slogan can be “Pop a cap on your ass.” Of course, I don;t know how exactly a hat would sit upon your ass, but me I’m just the ideas guy, you go make it happen.

  3. How about handy caps for cap in hands type of folks?

    Night caps are my favorites – how could you disregard THAT one? Nipple caps anyone?

    note to Tony: in the last month, I have been contacted by Boka Coulibally and Princess Christina Zuma from Ivory Coast, Simon Yi from Hong Kong, Salimata Fegar from Sudan, and “Mr.Michael Bennet from Harlsden, North West London, here in England.” I was glad for Mr. Bennet’s clarification as I had placed North West London there in Nigeria. Overseas people are definitely a great money-making scheme (although the Princess was a bit cheap.)

    note to Ross: I promise I’m not on drugs: there is SNOW falling on your blog. How did you do that??? 🙂 That’s the effing spirit I was talking about! Or is it a virus in my computer?

  4. Thanks for the all the comments.

    Tony: all this relaxing is stressing me out!

    Phil: oooh! I like that idea!

    nathaliewithanh: I thought about those angles, but thoughts of Howie Mandel’s handbag (that looked like a hand) and night caps in Christmas stories lodged in my head.
    Nipple caps? I gave up when I thought of cervical caps.

    note: the snow is for everyone. Am I the only person reading “hawt” press? “43 degrees and it’s still snowing” is the post name I think.

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