horsey rides

It really takes … some kind of fortitude to eat intestines … or guts or something.


note: Shouldn’t it be “intestinal fortitube“?

double note: all those “tude” words sound better with a “tube“: altitube, attitube, longitube, latitube, rectitube, servitube, …
It’s like baby talk for adults!

“Don’t be copping an attitube with me.”

triple note: Ok, which ones are the large intestines and which are the small intestines again?  It’s all so confusing.

quadruple note: there aren’t many good images of intestines, so here is picture of a little kid going for a horsey ride.

quintuple note: I wish I was a big horse; then I could make gobs of money from little kids riding around on my back. Now, kids don’t pay me.

sextuple note: Is it still technically a “piggy back” if it’s done on a horse?

septuple note: intestines are offal; which is good I think.

5 responses to “Strength

  1. Oh now you’ve sunken to the lowest of yuckyness. Eating intestines, imagine sucking out the poo….
    Gag, gag, gag!!!

    Intestines sentence usage;
    “He ate lots of intestines, he is such a guts”

  2. Don’t cope an “attitube” with me!

    You know these do sound better. I’m going to try them today. Of course, I shall be with six year olds.

  3. Eating tripe now? Ick.

  4. Oh come ON! Sausage, anyone! Yum!

    My Great-grandfather was from Sicily and always made his own sausage using fresh cleaned “casings” The casing is naturally, intestine. And I gotta say, it was delicious!

    -Turkish Prawn

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    Tony and S. Le: actually I’m a big intestines fan!
    In Japan there is something called “motsuni” which I think is chopped up pig intestines. When I order it I sometimes make a mistake and ask for “nimotsu” which is the word for luggage.

    w1kkp: it is catchy after a while, isn’t it? and this is no “platitube“. hee hee

    Turkish Prawn: I concur!

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