Another Page Off The Calendar


I love ripping the pages off calendars: I get to start with a nice fresh month.

The calendar I have is too heavy for the blue tack I use to hold it up: it keeps falling down.

I’m too lazy to pull out some more blue tack to attach the calendar more firmly.

I’d use pushpins or a big nail to hold it up, but I live in a rental house and don’t want to put too many holes in the walls and doors.

If the calendar doesn’t stay up in December, I think I may have to get a new one.


note: sorry for not responding to your comments over the last couple of days. I’ve been a little busy. So here is a “sorry frog” for all of you:

sorry frog


double note: Pomeroy is back!!!

triple note: I don’t know why my calendar still falls, it’s almost winter.

quadruple note: if you don’t know what blue tack is: it’s like gum or silly putty, but you can’t eat it.

One response to “Another Page Off The Calendar

  1. That truly is a sorry frog.

    S. Le: the frog was very apologetic about everything! It must have an apologenetic defect.

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