Why do people wallow in self-pity?

I guess jello is too expensive.

note: With enough time and jello I could rule the world!

double note: yellow jellow is just wobbly pee.

triple note: self-pity is an egocentrifical force.

quadruple note: I shouldn’t have posted this; it’s no good. I’m no good. Let’s break the bank for a big pile of jello!


3 responses to “Wallowing

  1. I rushed off to the local Whole Foods to find Yellow Jellow and I was sadly disappointed by the lack of inventory.

    But what ever and such as and also, you betcha.

  2. You could do a story about yellow jellow, or at least wobbly pee.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Augusto: that store sounds suspect.

    S. Le: I have another kiddie story in the works and it happens to take place in a supermarket … but no “yello jellow“.

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