What’s In My Head At The Moment

Here are a few ideas that are floating around in my head at the moment and might make it on to the blog in some form or another in the near future.


note: thanks to Prairie Flounder over at Sky Fishing  for doing a Wordle on his site,  prometheuscomic for giving me the idea of a sneak preview, and Kelly Pettit  who walked me through the process of “screen capture” over the telephone system with no wires.



3 responses to “What’s In My Head At The Moment

  1. I’m absolutely flabbergasted. NO SEX??? Men think about sex 1000% percent of everyday. gahh!! and where is Sara? and where is Mic? It’s a cute graphic Mister. I like the fonts used for your blog name 🙂

  2. Oh damn I feel dumb I just saw Sara and Mic. sorry!

    sweetiegirlz: that’s okay; everything is mixed up anyway. I left out “sex” because it took up the whole screen and you couldn’t read anything else. I forgot a few things like “note” and “I am the cheese” and “Happy Thanksgiving” and …. well … you get the picture.

  3. Ha! You just have a planet at the center of yours. I have a whole panniverse™ on mine. And I did my wordling way back in July. nyeh!

    pannonica: I am envious and just second hand news I guess.

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