7 responses to “World Maps

  1. Actually, if the second map was made by the average American seventh grader, they would have likely written, “I’m with stupid to.”

    I’ve graded seventh grade papers.

    And just where the heck was Upper Volta? I vaguely remember it. I love the name! Way better than Eastern Volta or Southern Wattage. Though to be fair, I hear that Ohmistan can be quite beautiful.

    -Turkish Prawn

    Turkish Prawn: I was going to put “I’m with stupid two” hee hee! Upper Volta is now Burkina Faso: I had to look that one up. I always loved that name: the world map is more boring without it. The new name sounds like something from the “Sound of Music” … bur ki no fa so la di da!

  2. During the last protests in Myanmar, I was surprised to notice that the European press still calls it Burma since European countries do not recognize its current government. Now there’s a nice challenge for a map maker.

    Israel had a tough history of name changes: Canaan, Judea, Palestine. Map makers must owe a lot to Israel.

    The double note has some severe implications for countries like Luxembourg, or Liechtenstein. Lu and Li?

  3. I think they should just rename Chad with something a little less 80s. I would love to be able to say, “Oh, I’m leaving next week for a safari in Kenya, then heading on to Justin to hunt some elephants….”

  4. New Zealand is also called Aotearoa, meaning Land of the Long White Cloud in Maori. If we changed NZ’s name to the Maori version, we’d save 2 letters and 1 space on the map. Perhaps we should petition for that to happen. As for the United Kingdom, well, there ain’t that much that’s United about it. England is where most of the laws are made, Scotland has its own parliament, Wales is on its way, Northern Ireland hasn’t been stable for that long and there are a fair number of people over there who hate the English because of historical events… tell me, what’s UNITED about it? Please! At least Japan or Nippon or whatever you want to call it is nice and simple and short. Kind of like the way that due to restrictions on personal space, the Japanese do everything in miniature. Monkey says Konnichiwa.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    nathaliewithanh: I forgot about Luxembourg and Liechtenstein! I guess there is always “Benelux”, but Liechentenstein is on its own.

    jimsmuse: hee hee. I like that idea! I do! I really do!

    epicurienne: actually “Japan” hangs out all over the place too. I have a theory about the reason for imperialism: Britain, Portugal, and Holland went exploring for new bigger places so they had enough room to print their names on the world map properly. France and Spain were just greedy. hee hee

    note: Tony has unplugged his blog again, so the Flat Tony page has got to go. (sad face)

  6. I like that you can buy Ivory Coast in the soap aisle of a U.S. supermarket. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t work if you go with Côte d’Ivoire, but I haven’t frequented any Paris markets lately.

    pannonica: That country must make a lot of money from soap sales.

  7. They must have a diversified portfolio. Ivory soap is a Procter & Gamble product and Coast soap is manufactured by the Dial Corporation.

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