Absolute Zero


absolute zero = the temperature when substances possess no thermal energy (-273.15 Celcius/-459.65 Fahrenheit)

Is there an “absolute one”?

I bet you need a really warm jacket when it’s “absolute one” outside!

And schools are probably closed too! Woo hoo!


note: getting “absolute zero” on a science test is probably a good thing.

double note: Is +30 Celcius “absolute 303.15“? It’s absolutely beach weather, whether it is or not.

triple note: You know those movies where someone sticks their hand in a really cold container in a laboratory and their hand freezes solid and then they smash it against something and then it shatters? That must really hurt. Why do they do that?



One response to “Absolute Zero

  1. Absolute one = Absolute Vodka
    Absolute two = Absolute Radio

    S. Le: I used to listen to Absolute Radio on satellite at the old office I used to work at, when it was Virgin Radio. I’m listening to a Billy Bragg interview right now. Thanks!

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