Street People


Some people are very close to living on the street.


note: Yes! it has a very nice “frontyard” …. or 29 inches.

double note: close to shopping, schools, and the main road through the city.

triple note: “Mom, there’s a car in the living room again!”

quadruple note: I could take photos of these houses all day. The noise must be a killer; especially the ones by the traffic lights. And the image of one bad driver mowing me over while I watched tv would never be too far from my thoughts.








5 responses to “Street People

  1. Is this the middle class/working class/ lower class income level housing we’re looking at? What’s the median rent or house payment there for these…just curious. I’m with you on the noise and dangerous drivers. Of course hearing these trains everynight might be a close second.

    sweetiegirlz: this road used to be the main road from Tokyo to Niigata until the pay expressway was built. It is still pretty busy. The really old houses seem to have elderly people living in them. It’s interesting to see people outside watering flowers in their pyjamas like there isn’t even a road or cars whizzing past them. The newer houses probably have middle class families in them because …
    a) they tore down the old family house and built a new one.
    b) they bought it because it possibly was a bit cheaper than one further away from the road
    c) it doesn’t bother them

    Outside of the big cities, this is quite a common sight along the roads. I guess people just get used to it.

  2. Sleepwalkers should not live in these houses.

    If I owned one, I’d get a dog and build a dog door flap.

    I wonder what the sales pitch is from a Realtor?
    “….and you never have to mow another lawn in your life”
    “….and you wake up to something new everyday”
    “….and you’re just a HOP, SKIP, and JUMP away from anything”

    Kelly Pettit: I think you would own a lot of dogs in rapid succession with a door flap. I hope you have deep pockets and a big backyard!

  3. It certainly gives a new meaning to “living on the road!”

    The last photo, is that Kelly Pettit’s Accident Hill?

    Kelly Pettit seems averse to the canine species but I could be wrong.

    nathaliewithanh: I was mistaken about Mr. Pettit’s “Accident Hill”; it turned out to be an “Accident Hedge”. (He hedged his bet wrong 3 years ago and went for a short flight over someone’s car hood!)

  4. I could never get a good night’s sleep in any of those homes. oy.

    Augusto: me neither

  5. I definitely like the no lawn to mow concept.

    Tony: If you had no lawn, you’d think differently. trust me.

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