A lot is known about werewolves, but very little about whowolves, whatwolves, whenwolves, whywolves, and howwolves.

note: shouldn’t the singular of werewolf be “waswolf” and the plural werewolves?

double note: “How is the fullmoon party?”   “I’m liken’ it!” 

triple note: Haven’t special effects really improved since An American Werewolf in London

quadruple note: Do whowolves terrorize Whoville in Dr. Seuss books?



5 responses to “Werewolves

  1. If you consulted the Who’s Wholf like you’re supposed to, you would know a whole lot more about whenwolf, whatwolf, not to mention the wornwolf that generally comes out of the closet in winter. 😉

  2. I saw one on the train in Brisbane once but I didn’t know how to get an inconspicus (I hope not a spelling teacher I tried several times & every way I spelt it still didn’t look right) photo of him ‘cos if he noticed he might have gone ballistic & tore my throat out.

  3. I’m more freaked out by the sub species that becomes a wolf man when it rains. I am talking about… a washandwarewolf!

    Apparently, the only way to kill it is with an aluminum chicken. You know… a silver pullet.

    (Disclaimer: bad puns here are not my own. Credit/blame should be directed to Nick Smith)

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. After the moon sets and a werewolf goes back to normal he would be exhausted. Wouldn’t he be a wornwolf?

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