Gainfully Abducted



I was just minding my own business aimlessly wandering around and then I woke up employed.

 “I’ve been jobnapped!”


note: free online job recruitment center = jobnapster. 

double note: it would be the perfect magazine if … it was about napping on the job.

6 responses to “Gainfully Abducted

  1. Napping on the job is starting to get recognized as a way to increase employee productivity (20-30 minute power naps).

    There is a company which specializes in fatigue consulting (MetroNaps) and I think its employees have to take a mandatory nap every day. The days of getting fired for not sleeping on the job may be just around the corner!

  2. For just a moment I thought it said “job-knobbed.” That would be something different altogether.

  3. I mainly come here for the tags. Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Kidnapped”. Wow, that’s impressive! I have that book!

    Oh, and around here, we called it “nippy nap”.

  4. Speaking of tags…I’ve noticed them, too. Explain, would you, the merits of imaginative tags. Do these phrases produce more traffic than plain ol’ categories? Or are they just for fun?

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    nathaliewithanh: what a perfect world that would be.

    S. Le: job-knobbed would definitely involve headhunters!

    Tammy: thanks for looking at the tags. Is that the main reason, really?

    w1kkp: I don’t think I get too many hits from the “extremely random” tags, but I get a few from regular tags like: Japan, work, rhetorical questions, ….
    The random ones are just me entertaining myself and getting out thoughts that didn’t make it as a note.
    It’s kind of funny to click on something like “overtime for oversleeping” and seeing the one blog entry. It’s very funny to find that someone else has used the same random tag.

  6. No, it isn’t the main reason, but it’s a highlight. They are very…uh…creative.

    Tammy: I feel better now. (smiley face)

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