Magical Points



When I go somewhere, after passing some magical point I consider myself at my destination.

I still might be 5 minutes or 5 hours away, but once I turn on to a certain road or pass a special landmark I mentally have completed the journey.

I think most people do this. I could be wrong; I usually am.

I do this with time too: looking forward to future events or waiting for the end of things.

Crossing days off the calendar like there is an endless supply of calendars and days to look forward to.

I wish weeks had a few more days, preferably Saturdays and Sundays; months had a few more weeks; and years had a few more months in them.

I’m not sure if I would use the extra time more wisely, but the calendars would look really cool!

note: I’m glad I don’t think this way about everything or sports, sex, and eating would be a big disappointment.


3 responses to “Magical Points

  1. What sport are you referring to? As far as I know, the closer you ever get to sport is lying on your couch, pretending to watch soccer! You could stop pretending after 5 minutes and get on with the serious business of napping or eating chocolate.

    As far as sex is concerned, if I may say, it’s your partner that would be disappointed. 🙂

  2. I would also like more time to waste. I excel at wasting time.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    nathaliewithanh: fox hunting, polo, and cockfighting come to mind as …. wait a minute …. nevermind.
    I agree about the sex stuff …. blush blush blush.

    S. Le: More time to waste during Lent would be excel..Lent!

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