Prenuptial Agreement



I may do a lot of stuff pre-something, but I won’t sign an agreement about it.

note: Is a prenuptial agreement for people into that “nuptial kinky stuff” that I heard about from someone or does it have to do with who wears the condominium?

double note: Does preturn mean that a person returns before they are suppose to? That would trigger a few people pulling out prenuptial agreements.

triple note: Possible things I do pre: suppose, view, amble, tense, cede, varicate, vent, and sometimes tzel. I think I was pre-diction and pre-prehensile when I was a baby.

6 responses to “Prenuptial Agreement

  1. Is the condominium a barrier to pre-gnancy?

  2. I posted a pre-comment but ‘cos it was before you did this post it didn’t come out.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: hee hee

    Tony: I pre-commented on your pre-comment, but I guess that didn’t come out either.

  4. My mother has excellent worrying skills so I think she might have a future career at that real estate office where they “do ALL the worrying”.

    She is pre-ternaturally good with the worry.

    David: I think all mothers are. If mothers didn’t have children, they probably wouldn’t worry so much. hee hee

  5. Oh, my favorite “pre-” word is preprandial.

    Augusto: I’m usually preprandial before dinner; but never afterwards.

    note: I had to look that one up.

  6. Would that mean that a pre-dator is a person before a date? (actually, could also be during if the date doesn’t go well)
    Or that pre-ssure is the state of consciousness before you feel certain about something?
    Or that pre-fab is the ugly duckling before it turns into the swan?
    What a preamble. I must prevent myself from such precocious prevarication when asked about the prefix, -pre.

    epicurienne: I pre-cede to your comment. I consider you a prequel.

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