A New Toothbrush

I bought a *new toothbrush yesterday.

I don’t know how often you are suppose to, but I usually buy one when I get the sneaky feeling that I’m just sticking a plastic thing in my mouth a few times a day out of habit more than hygiene.

I stood in the store aisle debating the pros and cons of each type before picking exactly the same model I always get.
I like green handled ones: I mentally associate them with freshness, mintiness, and how effective advertising really is.

I brush my teeth longer with a new toothbrush. Maybe I’m breaking it in … or enjoying all those new bristles … or just introducing it to all my teeth.
Someone should do a study about this; not me though, it sounds kind of boring.

I should probably just buy 10 toothbrushes at a time, but I don’t want to get stuck with obsolete stuff if there is a big advance in toothbrush technology.

* new toothbrush: I don’t know why I have to clarify that it is new, but I do.

note: Can you buy false teeth for combs?

double note: Bad drivers are car dentists.

triple note: Some people should practice better aural hygiene. I SAID,  “SOME PEOPLE SHOULD PRACTICE BETTER AURAL HYGIENE”.

quadruple note: I know there is something funny about Moral Hygiene, but I can’t quite put my finger on it … and if I do, I will wash my hands afterwards.

quintuple note: Burt Reynolds was a pro and a con in The Longest Yard.


2 responses to “A New Toothbrush

  1. Think I want a new toothbrush. It sounds sorta sexy.

  2. Those are the scariest looking McToothbrushes I have ever seen. Something very, deeply wrong about a tooth brush with characters on them who sell some of the scariest food on the planet.

    -Turkish Prawn

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