Carbon Dating

I’m no archaeologist, but …
I don’t think carbon dating should actually be classified as a great scientific method.

If there are bubbles, then it’s new; if there are no bubbles, then it’s old.

It doesn’t seem that difficult really.





note: Coca Cola on sale is a Bubble Economy too!

double note: I really don’t believe in carbon dating. I like women of my species better, or at least reasonably close to my species.

triple note: Do scientists use carbon paper to clone stuff?

quadruple note: If 2 countries are exactly alike, are they carbonations?

4 responses to “Carbon Dating

  1. triple note: Do scientists use carbon paper to clone stuff?

    Yes- they call them carbon copies!

  2. I remember how delighted I was to see a Coke bottle with the Japanese script on it for the first time.

    That was back in the days when I didn’t understand concepts like cultural imperialism.

  3. Do carbon fiber parts used in carbon cycles help the environment?

    Witty post, Monsieur Planetross! I enjoyed that.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    bonnieluria: hee hee

    razzbuffnik: I think most Coke cans and bottles say Coke in English on them here now. All the ingredients and small print are in Japanese though.
    I have a Pepsi bottle with Russian on it compliments of a trip to the U.S.S.R. in 1980.

    nathaliewithanh: I’m stumped on an answer to your question! I feel shame (sad face).

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