Birthday Cards From Neil Armstrong


Every year from age 5 to 9 I received a birthday card from Neil Armstrong the astronaut.

My grandmother forgot to send a card once, but Neil Armstrong always remembered.

I assumed he sent everyone in the world birthday greetings. Hey! if you can walk on the moon, sending billions of birthday cards is probably no big deal.

On my 10th birthday there was no card. I was sad.

My mother sympathetically explained that the birthday cards were actually sent by the family’s insurance agent Army Armstrong, or more likely his secretary.
We had changed policies and there would be no more cards.
I guess the old policy included a birthday card clause or something.

In hindsight, it was still nice to be remembered every year on my birthday by a complete stranger who didn’t really care about me.


note: Nowadays the Post Office sends me a card on New Year’s Day, but it’s just not the same thing.

double note: My grandmother sometimes forgot to send a card, but some years she sent two. Those things usually even out over enough birthdays.

triple note: the photo is of a “stone frog mailbox” I drive by occasionally. I’m still not sure if I think it’s cool or not. I guess it could be a “Postal Toad“.

quadruple note: I wouldn’t be writing any letters to these people on flypaper!


4 responses to “Birthday Cards From Neil Armstrong

  1. The GEICO Gecko never sends me anything. I think I’m going to have to change insurance companies…

  2. Japan has official mailboxes that are cement toads?? Seriously? Oh, I feel a request similar to man hole covers coming on. I’m calming down now, it’s just a residence mailbox? If so, as a residence mailbox it is sort of grotesque but as an official country wide choice of mailboxes, I would find it funny. Why is that?

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    jimsmuse: sending birthday cards would be a good policy: birthday cards make you happy= happy people live longer=insurance companies don’t have to pay out death benefits. It’s a win-win situation. I’m not sure about getting a birthday card from a Gecko though; I’d rather get one from Neil Armstrong!

    w1kkp: it’s a residential mailbox sadly or happily; depends on how you look at it.
    On planetross the official mailbox is shaped like Mick Jagger and you stick your letter in his mouth. Everyone gets a bit of “Satisfaction” this way.

  4. Another childhood nightmare. How did you survive the disappointment?

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