When I’m Not Blogging I Go To …

 Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

Matsushima is a small town on the North East Coast of Japan. It is home to one of the “Three Views” in Japan. (more info about all Three Views here)

I left the computer reluctantly and drove for 6 hours with my friend Kelly Pettit  to Sendai, Miyagi. We arrived in late afternoon, found a hotel, and enjoyed being in a big city with lots of people for a change. After visiting an izakaya (restaurant/bar) and another watering hole, we called it a night.

In the morning we awoke to no water!! The hotel’s water supply had been cut off for reasons we never did discover. Not a good start to the day.

We drove the  40 minutes to Matsushima and took a 50 minute boat tour of the Bay. For the first 20 minutes the main attraction was the seagulls that followed the boat. The seagull food for sale looked very similar to processed potato snacks.



After everyone got over being excited about the seagulls, the islands came fast and furious. There are about 260 little islands dotting the bay. I didn’t count them all, but there are probably enough to have a salad dressing named after them.


All the islands have names. I can’t remember any of them, but I’m pretty sure none of them are called Ross or Kelly island.


I thought this bay would be a good location for a Bond villain’s house or a high speed jetboat chase; but I think that about everywhere usually, so don’t get too excited. 
I also named all the seagulls: this one is Sammy. 


Oysters are a big business here. There are hundreds of these things in the bay. Water skiing is frowned upon.


Coming back in to the dock we saw our next destination: the small temple hall Godaido. 


We crossed over 2 little bridges and navigated our way around the hundreds of people navigating around us. These temple posts were dressed up the same way as the stillborn/miscarriage Mizuko Jizo statues nathaliewithanh describes in more detail here accompanied by great photos of the usual Mizuko Jizo.


Like most temples and shrines, there are ornate carvings. I’d show more, but looking over my photos I’ve realized that I’m a bad photographer. Who knew? 


After Godaido, we climbed up a few streets and got a better view of the area. We visited Fukuurajima in the background later in the day.


We decided that we didn’t want to walk around all day with bad hair from not having showers in the morning, so we visited an onsen (hotbath). Sorry no photos. The above photo is not of an onsen, but of a man on a bicycle.


Feeling clean and refreshed, we drove to a view point overlooking the town and bay.


I rang the bell.


I thought the bell’s hook thingy looked pretty cool.


Back in town we walked passed this pagoda on the way to Fukuurajima.


Finally the sun came out and we crossed the 252 meter bridge to the nature reserve. There were a lot of good views of some islands from this island, a little temple, and 2 young women with a box of doughnuts that thought we were stalking them. (the 2 young women not the doughnuts)


Down on a little beach Kelly took a bunch of cool photos of me looking cool, but he hasn’t given them to me yet. Did I say I looked very extremely cool in them? Because I did. I took this photo of an island looking a little cool. (me looking cool; not the island)

We eventually checked in to a little Japanese hotel, ate a big seafood dinner, wandered around the town at night, exclaimed repeatedly that it was a “swing a dead cat town at night” sort of place, and then tried to get in to a bit of trouble anyway with out too much success.

The next morning found us back on the highway heading home at tremendous speeds and happy that we had made the journey. 


note: One of the above photos is actually a photo of a poster. Can you guess which one?  I’m not sure what I will send the winner, but it will be amazing! If more than one person guesses the correct photo, I will give a prize to the first correct guesser, or draw a name out of a hat, or send an amazing prize to all people with the correct answer, or something along those lines.



7 responses to “When I’m Not Blogging I Go To …

  1. I really enjoyed these photos, Ross. And, that you named the seagull, Sammy–for some reason that makes up for you making fun of old bent over people…I know I know Mr. Kelly Petit Music Man says I got you wrong, didn’t understand– he’s probably right…anyway, my nominee for postcard is the town you said you climbed up to get a better view of:
    Godadio? (sp?) Anyway, you had quite a few photos that were so good that they could have been postcards!

  2. Well that post certainly satisfied the photography freak in me! I liked it very much thank you. Tell Mr. Kelly, to stop holding your “cool” pictures hostage. lol.

  3. Great blog Ross. Can I copy and paste it lol?

    I know which photo you didn’t take but I won’t let the cat out of the bag.

    w1kkp: Hope I didn’t confuse you? I’m not sure either what I was talking about (that’s normal), but I’m pretty sure it was a fun poke at Ross and that’s all.

    sweetiegirlz: I’ll give planetross those really cool pics of him soon. Hopefully before the new year so he can make a calendar 😉

  4. Beautiful photos! I tried to take photos of the tackiest stuff I ran across. We were seeking out the tacky. Nice holiday, mate!

    S. Le: Tacky rules! Good Tacky; Bad Tacky; Ugly Tacky!
    but …. Hearta Tacky is no good.

  5. For a “bad” photographer, I’d say the post is quite a display of very good images! Especially considering the fact that no photoshopping is involved.
    The photos of the seagulls are amazing. Did you actually take the photograph of the post “For the birds”? These are really good! The guy on the bicycle is beautiful (I wish you had included his reflection in the water)
    The one of the town after visiting Godaido is also very pretty.
    I’m going to go on a total limb, and say the bridge photograph is the odd one.
    The temple posts are weird! Is that for parents who can’t afford to buy a Jizo from a temple?

    Awesome post!

    Kelly Pettit: could you please give planetross his photos where he looks very cool soon otherwise I’m going to have to photoshop some pages for the calendar and that could be dangerous. 😉

    nathaliewithanh: thanks for the compliments. Yes, all the seagull photos were taken by me (I was there and remember having a camera and pushing a button on it). The seagulls were pretty photogenic and posed just the way I asked them to.

  6. The Godaido Temple?

    nathaliewithanh: is that a guess? or an epiphany?

  7. No Ross, no epiphany… just extensive knowledge of photography or perhaps 12 similar hints or was it head reflection (cogito ergo sum)?

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