For The Birds


It must be terrible to be a crow: they have “crow’s feet” from the day they are hatched.

Being a pigeon wouldn’t be much better.


note: Being a stool pigeon would be crappy.

double note: Does a cursed albatross have a dead albatross hanging around its neck?

triple note: I bet sailors ate crow’s nest soup when they got really hungry.

quadruple note: I know it’s a picture of seagulls: I didn’t see any good crows on my trip.

5 responses to “For The Birds

  1. My brain is now scrambled with the image of a pigeon toad. Are stool pigeons related to owl pellets?

  2. I got nothin’

    It’s just one of those days for me.

  3. A crow should probably worry less about his feet, and worry more about getting eaten.

  4. Thanks for all the comments.

    pannonica: a pigeon toad! Has genetic research gone crazy???

    jimsmuse: sometimes ya got it and sometimes ya don’t. The comment sprites are a fickle bunch.

    nathaliewithanh: crows should definitely stay away from restaurants and bars … especially crowbars!

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