Arcade Game Zombies



Why do all the arcade games have people killing zombies?

Arcade game makers must be Zombists or something.

I want to play an arcade game where I have to run away from zombies and hide.

I think I’d be pretty good at that one.

note: It’s the time of the season when she’s not there if you tell her no.

double note: if I see zombies, I’m hightailing it to the nearest arcade to git me some firepower.

triple note: those arcade zombie guns aren’t an effective weapon against children. I’ve tried.

6 responses to “Arcade Game Zombies

  1. A very timely post considering that October 29th is World Zombie Day.

    As for killing arcade zombies; perhaps it’s marginally better, in a philosophical sense that is, than killing people who aren’t already dead.

  2. I thought you can’t kill them, I was gunna say they are already dead but Razzbuffnik beat me to it so I’ll just say aren’t they the walking “Not Alive Ones”

  3. @Tony: Here’s an important fact that YOU need to know about “killing” zombies straight from a horror movie fanatic (i.e. me!) The ONLY rule about dealing with zombies is: “kill the brain, the body dies”. Shooting them anywhere else or chopping off body parts just makes them cranky and doesn’t slow them down much.

    planetross-like note: I can certify that the rule is true of American Zombies (Dawn of the Dead) and English Zombies (Shaun of the Dead)…your mileage may vary in Tasmania, so best to stay on your toes!

  4. Is that a picture of REAL zombies? I’ve never seen them leaping about like that! Actually, I’ve never seen REAL zombies, but I’m sure they do exist!

  5. My father-in-law is married to one, so if I got this right now, I only have to kill the brain….

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    I guess I should have said “destroy” zombies instead of “kill”.
    If I see people shaped things lurching and walking funny, I will ask them if they are dead or drunk or dead drunk.
    Happy World Zombie Day!

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