Battery Operated Toys



Do you remember your first battery operated toy?

Mine was a Billy Blastoff.

That’s when I knew for sure my parents loved me and were never going to let me run away and be raised by wolves like I threatened occasionally.

How could they give me something so amazing? Just give it to me; and it was mine!
Not my sister’s; although she had a Lite-Brite and seemed to be enjoying makin’ things with light. She was outtasite most of the time doing that, so my Billy Blastoff was safe.

It was all too incredible and the best part was it needed batteries.

If batteries hadn’t been invented yet, I would have been seriously crushed.

Batteries: small chunks of love! Almost better than chocolate!

note: Don’t stick that 9 volt on your tongue. Too late!

double note: I had the whole spacekit and never lost any of the pieces for Billy Blastoff or nothing! That TV was awesome!!!

triple note: Why do we have to grow out of toys, give them a way, and then want to grow back in to them again?

6 responses to “Battery Operated Toys

  1. Suppressed Billy Blastoff memories? Awww…

    I hear being raised by wolves is way overrated – it really messes with your vocabulary big time. While they run in packs, their battery supply runs pretty low…

    My first battery operated toy was an apple green flashlight. My little neighbor and I used to dress my little brother in fishnet stockings and make him dance while we moved the flashlight very fast to make it look like a stroboscope.

    That’s what happens when you let your seven year old kid watch “Cabaret.”

  2. I don’t remember specifically, only it was bad if you received the toy but somebody neglected to buy proper sized batteries.

    My brother got me to stick a 9 volt on my tongue once, and ONLY once! Nasty!

  3. My first battery operated toy was, well to tell the truth, it was a vibrator.

    I was a late bloomer in the toy arena.

  4. Thanks for the comments:

    nathaliewithanh: I didn’t start playing with flashlights until StarWars came out. I’m sure battery sales went up after that! (I’m not sure if I’ve said this comment before or just read it somewhere. I think I’ve said it before.)

    S. Le: A battery operated toy without batteries is like a wind-up toy without the wind. (that’s “wind” as in twisting not “wind” as in fast air)

    David: Well! I never! Such talk!! Blush blush! Averting eyes now!!
    I slept on a “vibrator bed” once: it was uncomfortable and made me walk funny in the morning.

  5. My First battery powered toy was the Flippity Flyer from Sears. It was a little airplane that “flew” on a track and even did loop-the-loops. I LOVED it.

    Here’s the best part, re: your triple note: I never broke stuff. I always took great care of my toys and having no siblings, I didn’t have any one else to break them for me or whom I had to give them to, thus, I still have them. Short Stack now gets to have my old toys and loves them. It’s really surreal seeing your two year old run around with the same toy that you remember doing the same with, so many years ago. Lulu Belle will get her turn, soon. Every trip to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house brings up new finds and toys!

    -Turkish Prawn

    Turkish Prawn: That is awesome! I wish I still had some of the toys and board games I grew up with. Sadly over the years they all seemed to go to flea markets or disappeared while I wasn’t looking. I think there is another children’s story in there somewhere: Where do old toys go?

  6. I had the nickname “El Destructo” bestowed on me at age 2, so as you can imagine I was pretty hard on my toys and very, very few survive to this day. (I think there may be a headless Jody doll and a Tonka Truck still around my folks’ house somewhere but don’t hold me to it).

    I honestly don’t remember too many of my own battery operated toys, but I think I had more fun playing with all of my son’s toys a generation later than I did with my own — which were never much fun after the initial smashing apart into bits.

    You can have the “Buzz Lightyear” action figure that says “To Infinity…and Beyond!” when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers!

    @Turkish Prawn: Your children are lucky to have you! Can I please come over and play if I promise not to break anything?

    @nathalie: First the calendars, and now the flashlight strobe adventures: it’s getting a little spooky!

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