Generally Private



Why do Generals have private quarters and Privates have general quarters?

note: Why are your genitals called privates when everyone knows you have them?

double note: If you didn’t have privates, could you be arrested for public nudity?

6 responses to “Generally Private

  1. The Generals tell the privates what to do.
    ie Stand to attention.

  2. Are these cookies for general consumption or can privates eat them too?

    On a similar note…
    A pair of panties but only one bra?
    Drive in a parkway but park in a driveway?
    You ship by truck but on a boat it’s (car)go?

    and… if your privates are publics, then you might get to spend some time away from public life as a private citizen when the public defender can’t keep you out of solitary.

    -Turkish Prawn

  3. The Generals tell the privates what to do. i.e. Stand to attention.

    I beg to differ. That isn’t always the case, at least in my experience. But then again, I’m not keen on the military and am a natural-born anarchist to boot.

    @Turkish Prawn: and off course an alarm goes on when it goes off.

  4. Just thought I would drop by and say hello. I found you through the blog net awards. You have some great humorous content here. I voted and commented on your Blog maybe you could do the same for me.

    Walt AKA All Sports on the Web
    All Sports on the Web
    P.S. I was a best man 3 times too. Mel Brooks and Monty Python are Hi on my list of comedy. Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein were classic along the The search for the holy grail and The life of Brian

  5. My brain hurts…..

  6. Thanks for all the comments:

    I’m not up on military jargon or procedures: my military background only includes Stratego, Risk, and little plastic soldiers in 4 different colors.

    Turkish Prawn: I have a list of those up on my bathroom wall. I thought of the list after I wrote this one.

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