Conceited people must have “I” infections.

note: Are people with eye infections eyesores?

double note: usually bosses have something to do with staff infections.

triple note: I hear the number of people with yeast infections is rising.

4 responses to “Conceit

  1. What happens to our planet when strong bloke wants to rest up for a bit with a beer & just put his feet up for a while???

    Tony: I’m sure someone would take up the slack because of the gravity of the situation.

  2. Do you think the girl next door has a case of a cute infection?

    And Donald Trump a hair piece infection?

    The Bush Twins a plural infection perhaps?

    Did you know that apparently priests have a lot to do with cross-infections? And Zorro lived many many years with a masked infection. I kid you not!

    nathaliewithanh: If you are an insincere chocolate maker, are you a confectionary? Sorry, I know that doesn’t go with the rest of these, but I think you have exhausted the list. Thanks.

  3. And Linda Lovelace a deep throat infection?

    Oooh that was a fun post!

  4. With that load, he’d never make it to iHop for breakfast.
    This was one of my favorites….. of recent days.

    And they’re ALL good.

    bonnieluria: iHop makes me twitchy. I’m glad you liked this one.

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