I was talking to my “computer literate” friend about URLs and he was looking at me all confused.

What’s an URL?” he asked.

An URL, the address up in the top bar thingy“, I replied.

Oh!  a U-R-L“, he said.

I thought it was pronounced like the name “Earl“.

Is it just me?

note: Do computer people drink URL Grey tea?

double note: Is it Earl Gray tea in North America?


7 responses to “URL

  1. I’ve always figured there were some web administrators who “cleverly” call themselves “Duke of URL.”

    n²: In NA it’s still Earl Grey. And Grey Poupon too. It’s all so classy.

    pannonica: It’s all “greys-ana” to me!

  2. What an interesting coincidence. Just a few days ago my son asked me what the “earl” was on my blog and I had no idea what he was talking about. LOL. In other hip teenage slang news, he and his compatriots also say “le-mow!” (via “LMAO”) and “poned” (via “pwned).

    You’re in good company, planetross!

    jimsmuse: I guess the cheese doesn’t always stand alone. It’s good to know. I know “LMAO”, but have no idea what “pwned” means. (confused face)

  3. I stand with you too. I say ewe-are-ell.

    I’ve heard kids say, “I’ll verse you” (back-formed from versus / vs.) to mean “I’ll play against you.” Would that be poetic license?

  4. Wow. Back to basics.

    Booting your computer does not mean kicking it with footwear.

    If someone asks you how many gigs you have, they are not referring to you as a musician. (yeah, that’s surprising!)

    And finally, if Kelly refers to the footprint on your computer desk, he’s not talking about that left by the Anony Mouse.

    I hope this was helpful.

    nathaliewithanh: thanks for all the tips. It’s a brave new world!

  5. I am now going to call them Earl’s, too. Worth it for the eye rolling reaction of those in the know and much friendlier for the novices.

  6. Uncle Roberts Leg
    U R Lucky
    Under Roof Lining
    U R Elle? No, U R Ross

  7. Acronymania

    Urly to bed, urly to rise…

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