Saturday at Stoplights

I drove to a shopping center 35 km away today (about 20 miles); it takes about an hour to get there.

On the way I took photos of things that caught my attention while I waited at stoplights.

This is what I saw and what I thought.

That’s … a stupid name for a car.

I looked on the ground to see if a “K” or an “E” had fallen off the sign. A “K” would have been a good thing (if the staff were not men): an “E” wouldn’t be so good.

I also wished there had been a stoplight outside of the “Goo” hair salon I passed earlier.

This big hedge got me singing “Stairway to Heaven” for some reason: “If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow/ Don’t be alarmed now, it’s just a spring clean for the May queen“.

Sure … I’ll just be getting back to reality now. Thanks for flying by.

Without any other music in my van to distract me, this was a bad thing for the next 40 minutes.

Flat Tony doing his “dog in a car” routine amused me for a few moments. I’ll take him around for a proper tour de force tomorrow. You can read all about his adventure in Japan in the near future. Check out his other adventures over at Tony’s Place.

Isn’t that the name of a shoe?

No Loan” loan company. At least they tell you up front.

A “bigi” air-conditioner!

This one was no “bigi”.

Is there anything more depressing than an empty cigarette machine?
Maybe an empty beer machine. It’s a close call. 
I think this machine is operated by those “No Loan” people. 
(What! No beer machines where you live? That must suck!)

Damn! I left my big pin at home!

My other car’s a “Hagen”!    or   I’m just Copen!

What’s the problem?  It’s the Kompressor again!


This is what I saw without really looking. Next time I’ll try harder.


note: If you are looking for a job in Japan, you can apply here:

6 responses to “Saturday at Stoplights

  1. I laughed out loud at the pic of flat Tony! That guy has hit on something very popular by passing out copies of his flat self around. I can’t wait to do mine.

    How did you keep him from flying out the window?

  2. In Germany, they have a car called a “KA”

    We called it a ‘ka-ka’ car.

    sweetiegirlz: that’s what all cars are called in Japan: “Ka-“.
    How did I keep Flat Tony from flying out the window? It’s all done with mirrors!

  3. Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka, Ka…….. That’s what my car sounds like if it wont start.
    I hope my flat self had a safety harness on.
    I remember beer machines in Japan. Never seen them anywhere else. If they were here they’d get stolen.
    Love de Love de Lice sign, I prefer Lice to Lick, sounds funnyer & itchier. Hair licking would get dandruff on tongue problems

  4. In Scotland we had a company called Scottish Telecom. Then, for no reason, it was renamed Thus!

    Another big bonus for some consultant, no doubt.

  5. Love de Lic is bad enough… but the byline is pretty interesting too: Hair and Make.
    Or is Make a Japanese stuut?

    I already like the onset of Flat Tony’s adventures. He looks so interested by the scenery. Was his tail wagging?

    The No Loan loan company is still one step above the Icelandic no money banks. 😉 ( well, ;-( if you happen to be Icelandic – I don’t want to sound cold.)

  6. The question is, is it a theater for monkeys or is it a theater OF monkeys? Either way, I want to see a show!

    -Turkish Prawn

    Turkish Prawn: it’s a theater of monkeys. I haven’t seen a show yet, I’m waiting for a special occasion.

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