That person is always in a “Rush”.


note: What a Rush!

double note: I think my van is called “Rust“.

triple note: That band is popular everywhere!

quadruple note: I’m going to buy a “Def Leppard” next year.

quintuple note: Why do I feel like Austin Powers when I leave these notes?

4 responses to “RUSH

  1. I wonder if they stick a “C” on it before it gets compacted and recycled.

    Does that mean that another forthcoming model will be Unled Zeppelin?

    Incidentally, there’s also Otis Rush, Tom Rush, and, erm, Mahogany Rush.

  2. The car of an odd man… 😉

    pannonica: Unled Zeppelin! Awesome!

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    pannonica: haha! What about Rush Limbaugh?

    nathaliewithanh: a football reference! 10 yard penalty.

  4. planetross: Does Rush Limbaugh have any records? I sure hope not. That’s why he wasn’t on my microlist, anyway.

    pannonica: sorry. He was a DJ though!

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