Odd Facade

Why do people have fake brick and fake wood siding on their houses?

If I was going fake, I’d want a fake front like on a movie set; a fiberglass cartoon style like Toontown at Disneyland; or cool trick art optical illusion stuff.

If you’re going fake, go all the way!


note: fake “wood brick siding” in a Jenga style would look quite nice.

double note: a house made of giant Lego bricks would be too amazing!

                    “I built a 3rd floor on my house; it took 30 minutes.”

triple note: I don’t think there is enough fiberglass in most diets. In fact I don’t think there is any at all. What’s up with that?

quadruple note: Would fiberglass glasses be called fiber-optics?




4 responses to “Odd Facade

  1. Some of these would be nice:


    The brewery murals for men! heeeee!

    sweetiegirlz: thanks for the link!

  2. Good point… can’t judge a house by its siding.

  3. The fake siding ultimate: McMansions! They just put fake stone veneer on one side – or not even one side, just a smidgen piece of facade – because that supposedly makes it look as if it had been better constructed. Money does not buy taste. It does not even contribute to it.

    Now a McMansion that would be constructed like a giant McDonalds, that would make a statement!

  4. Yes lego would be good. Jenga, no, someone might remove the wrong one, no more house….

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