Drills are boring; and knives are sometimes dull.

note: fire drills are pretty useless: water tends to work better.

double note: there’s money in drilling oil and teeth.

triple note: “What did we catch in the net?”  
                     “Navy Seals” 
                     “Better throw them back or greenpeace is gonna be on our ass again.”

SPECIAL NOTE: nathaliewithanh has another Japan adventure blog  up on her site.


5 responses to “Drills

  1. I’ve been to the dentist a thousand times — I definitely know the drill!

  2. My Japanese ice hockey team is called “the Seals”. We seem to be as graceful as them when we’re on the ice too.

    Sorry that my comment is “dull”. Need to sharpen up with some drills. I’ll go to the dentist.

  3. Sorry to be the borer of bad news but fire drills are DRY runs.

    Thanks for your special note. 😉

  4. Is that you facing the wrong direction on the net?

  5. That high pitched dentist drill sound is stuff nightmares are made of

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