The Rocket Car

My friend calls his car “Rocket” … because things fall off of it in stages.


note: my friend is a rock behind the wheel …  an erratic rock.

double note: photo taken in the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. It’s probably not an erratic rock, but any rock covered in moss and looking like a brain is pretty strange at least.

3 responses to “The Rocket Car

  1. That’s a real photo? I thought it was Photo-shopped! Way cool. Way weird!

    S. Le: The rocks are pretty strange and colorful out in the desert. Some of the littler ones really look like brain. I don’t have photo-shop. (sad face)

  2. “Oh great. Now all the internet zombies know where to find me. Way to go.”
    –Green Brain, Bolivia

  3. That picture makes me feel a little sick. I just want to run up to the rock and scrape all the moss off.

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