The Gap



Are the Generation Gap and the Synaptic Gap somehow connected?

note: Why should I gap my spark plugs? I can see spaces between all of them.

double note: Isn’t that the worst name for a store ever? Why didn’t they call it “BUCKED” or “UNCOMFORTABLE PAUSE” or “BOWLEGGED”.

10 responses to “The Gap

  1. I remember as a kid watching commercials for that store that always ended with the tagline “Fall into The Gap!”

    It made me worry that somewhere on the concourse of the mall there was a trap door that would suddenly open under you and drop you into a pile of overpriced jeans if you weren’t paying attention!

  2. Generation gap/synaptic gap? Riiiiight… Neuro transmission/gene transmission? Wow. I’m lost. That’s one for pannonica.

    The Gap is not that bad when you consider they could have called it The Hole or The Crack. Or even better The Hole And The Crack!

  3. Lol nathalie – now you’ve reminded me of my visit to London, standing in the tube station puzzled by the repeated annoucement “Mind the Gap!” (which I of course thought was a great advertising campaign for a jeans store until I realized that they were merely trying to keep tourists like me from ending up on the tracks….)

    P.S. Hey kids, don’t forget to go hit the following link and go wish pannonica a Happy Birthday!

  4. Is that George W. Bush in disguise?

  5. Oh oh. Mind the gap really does mean please don’t fall under or throw yourself under the train about to arrive on the platform. It’s too annoying that people do this. We in London are often late for work because someone has thrown themselves beneath a train! Not only does it make us late; it also makes me feel nauseous for the person who just died in such an unceremonious way. That’s not to mention the platform phobia preventing us from getting too close to the edge of the platform. Believe it or not, some idiots push innocent people under a train at times. Who’d live in London?

  6. Gosh. I just re-read my comment. I’m a cow.

  7. Hm. I might want to live in London, but perhaps not stand too close to epicurenne on the platform…

    Ha ha ha! You are not a cow…you’re hilarious!

  8. Reminds me of the cover of Will Self’s book Great Apes.

    @S. Le: disguise?!? ha!

  9. Heeeey! It’s an Australopithecus!

  10. Thanks for the comments.

    I thought the picture looked like Mr. Bush as well, but as far as I can tell from the site that I lifted it from, it is just a hypothetical image of man/ape probably created during Mr. Clinton’s first term.
    People seem to throw themselves under trains and subways in Tokyo too. Supposedly the clean up on some lines only takes 20 minutes and the next of kin gets a bill for the inconvenience to paying riders. I guess some people save for a raily day. (groan)

    There is no secret message in this one, so don’t think too hard. I just liked the “gaps somehow being connected” myself.
    Are “GAP” stores expanding worldwide because there are more obese people?

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