The Blue Monkey #6

The Blue Monkey predicts:

In our lifetime a cure for the common cold will be just around the corner.



The blue monkey is a lesser oracle who predicts what may happen, not what will happen. He has studied many different disciplines on his path to enlightenment, including: using ouija boards, reading horoscopes, counting cherry pits, blowing out birthday candles, opening fortune cookies, pulling wishbones, watching Kung Fu reruns, listening to the weatherman, twisting apple stems, and shaking the Magic 8 Ball. All behold the blue monkey!

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11 responses to “The Blue Monkey #6

  1. The more I look at him, the more blue monkey looks like a cookie jar! Would you confess if he was actually WAS a cookie jar?

    If he IS a cookie jar, I would feel better about the predictions he is giving out. Then OMG, that would make him a fortune cookie jar…

    Fess up Ross.

  2. I like the “fortune cookie jar” comment!

    I have a deja lu feeling about the common cold…

    I hope the Monkey’s talking about the corner of your lifetime, not mine. That’s giving me a whole year on you to have a cold and be cured. Of course, just before turning my corner, a cold will probably be the least of my worries…

  3. Hey Ross!!!! Blue Monkey is in London! He just got here, said Konnichiwa and crashed. He’s too tired to do Oracle Stuff for me right now. Apparently jet lag is tough for oracles.
    Thanks again! I’ll post about him tomorrow.

  4. Thanks for all the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: The Blue Monkey is definitely not a cookie jar. Possible one of his half brothers or sisters is, but not him. Just ask epicurienne, she now possesses his body, but I’m still channeling his other powers.

    nathaliewithanh: I think I’m getting a cold right now. I wish that damn Blue Monkey wasn’t so accurate. I want a cure now!

    epicurienne: I’m glad he arrived safely. He may have an accent because I taught him English. I don’t think I have an accent, I’ve been wrong before. I’m looking forward to news of how he is getting along in his new environment.

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  6. Blue Monkey’s First London Message:
    mix lemon juice and honey with whisky and hot water. Drink. If nose not clear, repeat, and repeat and repeat. Eventually the whisky will beat the cold. And apparently the honey and lemon help too.

  7. The cold virus will never be eradicated because it mutates all the time. Sorry blue monkey!

  8. No, my dear “e!” You put a hat on your bed post. You lie down and drink whiskey until you see 2 hats!

  9. S Le – now I WANT to get a cold so I can try to see three or even four hats…

  10. I’ll have to go with S. Le’s remedy. I don’t have the other ingredients lying around and only one hat.

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