The Blue Monkey #5

The Blue Monkey predicts:

In our lifetime the “Big Mac” will be replaced by the “Bigger Mac“.

The Blue Monkey can’t see anything in the future after that.


The blue monkey is a lesser oracle who predicts what may happen, not what will happen. He has studied many different disciplines on his path to enlightenment, including: using ouija boards, reading horoscopes, counting cherry pits, blowing out birthday candles, opening fortune cookies, pulling wishbones, watching Kung Fu reruns, listening to the weatherman, twisting apple stems, and shaking the Magic 8 Ball. All behold the blue monkey!

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2 responses to “The Blue Monkey #5

  1. …except perhaps a close-up of a toilet bowl.

    Incidentally, as a quasi-professional, I’d like to point out that there is a species of guenon, Cercopithecus mitis, whose common name is the blue monkey.

    pannonica: thanks for the link. as a quasi-amateur I suspect this blue monkey is more sad than blue-tinted.
    The Blue Monkey bestows a “snatchable pebble” on you.

  2. Does the sad oracle predict a bigger Happy Meal too? A Happier Meal of sorts? Perhaps a little vanilla milk-shake instead of a soda?

    Just that it would make me really happy. Not that the monkey cares.

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