Living on the  edge. Pushing the envelope. Turning it up to 11.

That’s the life for me!

I passed a police car on the highway today!

I put it to the man; fought the authorities; made a statement.

It was touch and go for a while, but after 10 kilometers of side by side furious 90 km per hour driving and numerous speedometer checks I edged ahead of him.

Eat my dust, copper!


note: it was raining, so he didn’t really eat any dust.

double note: Once I passed him I turned around and went to my exit 5 kilometers back.

triple note: if you look really closely, you can see a portion of my van. When moving the van is just too fast for photos.

5 responses to “Rebellious

  1. Okay Ross, here’s your next assignment:

    Pull up behind a police car at a red signal. Honk when the driver fails to get his vehicle moving immediately.


    pannonica: I’ve edited your comment to your liking I hope. Your assignment sounds like “living over the edge” and “outside the envelope“.

  2. Thank you, although I didn’t want to make assumptions about the driver’s gender. I intended to (but may not have) omitted the personal pronoun.

    pssst. Congratulations on the D-mark! I haven’t even gotten that much in spam yet. shhhh.

  3. Perhaps you can include this sport in next year’s Kinder Olympics for Teens Newly Licensed? You are a goofball, true enough.

  4. Way to go!!!
    I always slow down when a cop car comes up behind me, I get this false sense of guilt for no real reason, like having a body in the boot/trunk.
    One day they will pull me over & ask to check in the boot, I am sure it will happen one day……

  5. Yes. I can tell just by looking, your van is greased lightening. It actually looks a bit like an overstuffed slug, but a fast one!

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