Food For Thought

I am ignorant about many types of food.

I love food, but don’t usually think too deeply about how it is grown.

In the last few years I have discovered:

pineapples don’t grow on trees.

bananas hang on trees the opposite way I thought they did.

 coconuts don’t start out small, brown, and hairy like the ones in the supermarket.

people do eat chestnuts, just not the kind that grew around my hometown.
   (I always wondered why people were roasting chestnuts on an open fire in that Christmas song)

I still haven’t figured out peanuts yet: please don’t tell me, I want it to be a surprise.


note: road apples, prairie oysters, and cow pies do not grow on trees or in the ground. I think one of them is inedible, but I could be wrong.

double note: My in-depth knowledge of how rice is grown hopefully makes up for these other deficiencies.

6 responses to “Food For Thought

  1. Hm…this would probably be a bad time to discuss haggis again, wouldn’t it?

  2. I think your NOTE is more valuable than anything you wrote in your blog. That being said, I thought I’d educate you and let you know that peanuts come from Air Canada. My grandfather worked for them for 37 years and I can assure you that, peanuts are the copyright and production of Air Canada “Customer Care” department.

  3. American Airlines lets Air Canada grow the peanuts since a few American citizens have died from related allergies.
    Now we grow pretzels which you have to buy from AA customer care.

    I learn many facts about rice as a result of you imparting your in-depth knowledge. I’m probably dispensed too.

    Is there ever a good time to discuss haggis?

  4. nathalie: Do pretzels grow on trees like fruit or are they earthbound tubers?

    I think I’d most prefer to imagine them as thick spines on pretzel-shaped cacti (in a recursive sort of way) that can be snapped off and eaten.

  5. Ah no Pannonica, American Airlines grows them in little plastic bags along with the Snicker doodle cookies which are always advertised by the pilot for $4.00 just before take off.

    If you could just snap them off pretzel-shaped cacti (in a recursive sort of way, that goes without saying), AA would not make any additional money off its passengers and the next thing you know, the US government would have to spend 700 billion dollars to bail out the airline industry.

    Why 700 billion dollars? “It’s not based on any particular data point,” a Treasury spokeswoman told Tuesday. “We just wanted to choose a really large number.”

    Sorry planetross. I did not mean to get political on your blog. Just feeling slightly bitter. It’s all Pannonica’s fault.

  6. We were always told that eating fish made you smart. Of course when my younger brother was little, he couldn’t always pronounce words properly and said, “eating fish makes you fart.”

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