When I’m Filthy Rich


When I saw all these fine Lotus Sports cars, I thought …

if I were filthy rich, I’d buy a bigger chip for my camera, take more photos of them, and maybe even have a few prints made.


note: photos taken on Route 120 on the way to Nikko, Japan. Check out nathaliewithanh‘s blog for more Japan adventures. (she only put up one picture of these fine Lotus! She’s a madwoman!!!)

 double note: There were about 30 of these cars in a public parking lot and nobody was watching them, or more importantly watching the people who were looking at them. I don’t know what all the drivers were doing: probably eating cup-o-noodles or taking pictures of my van.

triple note: my van: very photogenic.



7 responses to “When I’m Filthy Rich

  1. You should have seen the expression on his face when he saw the cars! A kid in a candy store…

    The van has much more room to put stuff and, yeah, yeah, yeah, it is very photogenic. Oh, wait, is that hair you’ve got on the top of your head?

    Nice first pic – way better than mine (of course, I may not have been quite as inspired as you seemed to be!) 😉

  2. Speaking of cars, I hate to be the one to bring you bad news but, Paul Newman died!! I know him from his salad dressing but I heard he was an actor too. Thought if you read this in your blog, you might appreciate it……haha. Just kidding. I know you LOVED Paul Newman (in a hetero sexual way)

  3. Oh no! I just confirmed it in the newspaper’s obituary page. It’s true. >sob!<

  4. The man stopped acting for a year to drive race cars. Could there possibly be a better role model for all men, everywhere? We love ya Paul. We love ya, man!

    -Turkish Prawn

  5. Turkish Prawn: Paul Newman is, was, and will always be a legend.

    I would delete Mr. Pettit’s and my own comment, but then the remaining comments would look out of place and context. I’m in a “comment catch-22” on this one.

  6. I can try to stitch the two topics together a little more, beyond just cars:

    Paul Newman was filthy rich but he spent a lot of time giving away a lot of his money to very worthy causes and deserving people.

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