Wishful Thinking #2

Standing in line to buy a ticket to the newest Harry Potter movie and thinking the 300 kids waiting in front of you want to see the newest Roman Polanski film.


single scoop: Hermione’s character has really developed a lot since the first movie.

double scoop: Hey Mr. Fly! Are you on some new kind of diet program or something?

triple scoop: movie theatre popcorn is so good I would pay 100 times more than it’s worth to have it: oh …  I already do.



One response to “Wishful Thinking #2

  1. Which Harry Potter movie???

    cherikooka: Do you mean which movie I thought Hermione’s character developed or which movie “fictional wishful thinker” was waiting in line for?
    There must be 10 or 12 of those movies out now. hee hee

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