Happy Island

I have spent many nights on Happy Island, but mornings usually find me hungover and washed up on broke reef.


note: it is a pretty cool name for a liquor store though.



5 responses to “Happy Island

  1. In Greece there’s a store called Happyland that sells dishes and cutlery…Happy Island for a liquor store makes a lot more sense

  2. If that’s Happy Island, then I suppose Broken Reef is either Denny’s, McDonald’s, or the Pharmacy?

  3. Next posting you can take a photo of the adjacent shop: Hangover Isthmus.

  4. What a great demonstration of the differences in culture. You have Happy Island. I have the Booze Barn.

  5. You wake up on Hang-over cliff, worshiping the Porcelain god. I think his name is Flush.

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