Wishful Thinking #1


Your boyfriend or girlfriend will remain faithful to you while they go backpacking for a year.


single scoop: Riiiightttt!

double scoop: I’m feeling Pat Coakleyish with all these continuing sagas. But I’m not challenging anybody to anything: you have to give me that much.

triple scoop: Hey Mister Fly! Try the chocolate, it’s pretty good too!

quadruple scoop: I took pannonica‘s advice and did something different with the “note” system. Picture of an ice cream: scoop. Do you get it? Ahhhh! it’s soft serve! There are no scoops




5 responses to “Wishful Thinking #1

  1. Ouch! It hurts because it’s true.

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. Oh come on, you have no faith!

    The tags are hilarious!!!

    nathaliewithanh: Hey! I’m not George Michael.

  3. George is an exception. Had he exhibited less faith, he may not have ended up in the loo exhibiting other qualities.
    He lives in Dallas, you know. Good thing it was not a Dallas loo too.

  4. I’ll give you that much: there’s no challenge. But, why not? They are fun. You have made some of mine very entertaining. Inside refrigerator comes to mind. Aliens and beer. Not cynical like fidelity while backpacking, nor nutritious like peapods, but, hilarious. This world is engaged in some serious wishful thinking right about now, so if you issued an challenge, you’d be riding the wave of wishes.


  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    Turkish Prawn: I’ve heard this so often from people at the beginning of their trip, but I’ve never heard anyone at the end of their trip say that they were successful.

    nathaliewithanh: thanks for commenting on the tags.

    w1kkp: As Blur said, “I’m a professional cynic but my hearts not in it“.
    I just wanted to have another link with you, and this was my excuse.
    I would have made this a challenge or a project, but was worried other people would think of better ones. But for you … I make this a challenge. I have thrown down my metaphorical glove on this one!

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