The Way

It’s always nice to see a sign letting you know you’re going in the right direction.

Maybe you’ve gone the wrong way or lost your way.
You could be wandering around for a long time without a sign, any sign, letting you know.

Different signs are more reassuring for some reason.

If you keep seeing the same sign, maybe you’re walking in circles.

Some people don’t seem to need signs: they must have good directional skills or a map or something.

I think most people know the general direction they want to go and set off optimistically hoping to find a nice path to follow. I’m one of these people.

It’s always nice to find a ribbon on a tree or a spray painted rock to let you know you’re on some kind of track. Footprints are no help: maybe they’re from lost people!

I’m a sign reader: sometimes I miss a few signs, but I notice most of them. Hopefully I come across a lot more signs before I see the exit sign.


note: “emergency exits” never say “emergency entrance” on the other side of them. It’s not fair.

2 responses to “The Way

  1. “This Way to the Egress”

    I recall coming across the factoid (factism? factella? factolini?) that humans, when lost, tend to take a route that forms a large circle, always in the same direction (although perhaps it’s one of those magnetic northern hemisphere – southern hemisphere phenomena).

  2. It could be the signs are “leading you down the garden path.” Guess that could be pleasant though…

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