To Preserve and Protect



Do some people still leave the plastic covers on their sofas, chairs, and car seats?

I haven’t seen that for a while.

I always wondered what the point was because really …

they should put another sheet of plastic over the plastic cover to protect that!

note: I take very good care of my bookcases. I’m into “shelf preservation“. It’s a natural instinct I hear.


4 responses to “To Preserve and Protect

  1. I’m sorry…didn’t Pulp Fiction get released in Canada? I can’t say Travolta is my favorite actor, but really, you have to at least give him that one…

    P.S. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak world of comments on my current blog entry. Your check is in the mail, dude.

    jimsmuse: I think I was being sarcastic when I wrote that. Although I haven’t seen the movie in years, I have memories of it being not his best film. I’ve always been fond of Phenomenon for some reason.

  2. I think I was being sarcastic, too. 😉

    jimsmuse: touche! I have been sarcasticized!!

  3. Hey common Planet Tony Manero in Staying Alive was his crowning achievement.

  4. @Willy Badger – Bwha ha ha! I secretly watch that movie every time it’s on cable. It’s like “Showgirls” with John Travolta! You completely rock for even knowing about it.

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