Memory Sticks



I bought a memory stick for my computer.

I think it’s broken because I can’t remember where I left it.

note: I’m waiting for “memory sticks” with accessories like: mace, stiletto knife, bottle opener, and pen light. I’m sure they are out there; I’m just too lazy to look. … Swiss Memory Sticks anybody??

double note: do memory sticks hold nail “files”?

triple note: if a memory stick jams, is it a memory stuck?


4 responses to “Memory Sticks

  1. By total coincidence I ran across the link below earlier on which has an awesome collection of truly bizarre memory sticks. I think my favorite is the memory stick that looks like an actual stick.


    jimsmuse: totally amazing!! I like the thumb myself … and the lego … and the sticks!
    Some of those are a bit big and clunky though; kind of defeats the purpose really.
    Thanks for the link (I’d give you a big smiley face, but I’m still being watched: )

  2. I don’t like it when they are called “thumb drives.” It is just gross somehow.

    “Talk softly and carry a big (hockey) stick.”

  3. Jog your memory stick, it will run better…

  4. Clever Blog. What would you do without me? LOL.

    I had a hockey stick that size once but the opposing team pointed out the curve was illegal. I got a 2 minute penalty and couldn’t use the stick anymore. The other team was really happy because no one could find room to skate anyways.

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