People who live on islands go “overseas” a lot more than the rest of us.

note: Is an overseas adventure called an “overture“?

double note: Is someone who goes “overseas” called an “overseer“?

triple note: Is sleeping with somone “overseas” called an “overscore” or an “overlay“?

quadruple note: Are “overseas'” attractions called “oversights” or “overlooks“?

quintuple note: I’m always “overexcited” and “over-optimistic” before going “overseas”.



5 responses to “Overseas

  1. You are by far the most “over-t” tickler of the English Language.

  2. I live overseas & it’s great, better than living on the big northern island with all the dull & boring mainlanders….

  3. Just curious, when you fight with someone do you use your facility with words to totally confuse them? I think it would be impossible to maintain my focus on whatever I was arguing with you about, if you were taking snippets from this word or that and totally confusing me out of the moment!

  4. Thanks for all the comments.

    w1kkp: I don’t like to argue with people usually. I am the world’s worst arguer: I usually resort to one word expletives, silence, or making faces that convey my annoyance.
    I like to talk, but I lose all articulation when fighting. I’m semi-quick with one liners, but they usually don’t help the situation when arguing.

  5. Over lay/ over score! LOL!

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