Just lying around.
People don’t know what to do with you or where to put you.

Half curled up, taking up space.

You are a nuisance.
Why don’t you just go away!

Did I say coma?

I meant comma.

note: If I woke up from a coma, I’d be kicking myself if I had left all my money in a “checking account“.

double note: Culture Club put me in a coma for a decade with that Coma Chameleon song.


4 responses to “Coma

  1. I hear you. I like “Boy George” much better than “Man George”.

    I don’t even want to think about “Baby George”…

    jimsmuse: Boy George is looking pretty “London Bagman” these days. He is a big boy.

  2. You were only being “semi” serious, right?

    bonnieluria: I know you’re talking about a “semi-colon”, but I think that’s what you end up with after a stomach stapling operation.

  3. I think Boy George spent most of the 70’s in a coma.

  4. I usually advocate the use of irreversible commas as scare quotes: always work wonders!

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