Buying A House


When I buy a house, I’m going to buy a “houseboat” and just live in it on land.

Hey! Better safe than sorry. You never know.

I might wear a life jacket around the house too.


note: I envision yelling “Man Overboard!” a lot.

double note: I will call my property “Dry Dock“.

triple note: sales people and religious touts will be considered pirates and dealt with accordingly.

quadruple note: photo taken in Northern Peru.

SPECIAL NOTE:   Nathaliewithanh came to visit me in Japan! How does her trip unfold? or unravel? Check it out here or click on the page up in my header.

7 responses to “Buying A House

  1. There are more than a few people in Texas after the most recent hurricane who probably wished they had actually done this. Will you be hiring a cruise director?

    Special Note on your Special Note: Looked at nathalie’s travelogue and it appears that you had quite a good visit! Damn, that woman takes a fine picture!

  2. Great place to Visit. Looks like everyone had a blast.

    Re: Your boat house. Ummm hope it looks better den dis one…

  3. Nice house, nice boat, do you have a Swiss Navy Knife to use onboard the boat

  4. From cottage cheese to Kraft cheese…

    Loved your tags. You are a madman.

    jimsmuse: thanks (I had great models!)

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    jimsmuse: no cruise director; just a midget butler/assassin. Maybe a few rabbits too!

    sweetiegirlz: this is the “mother-in-law” guest houseboat. (if I had one). A blast was had by all during nathaliewithanh’s world-wind tour.

    Tony: I have the Swiss Navy Knife, but I’m having trouble learning all those knots at the moment.

    nathaliewithanh: I like that one. I would like some “hover-kraft” cheese that just floats into the mouth from where? I don’t know!

  6. That photo reminds me of an image from Werner Herzog’s great film Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (Aguirre, the Wrath of God), in which the conquistadors, travelling down a Peruvian river, pass a ship lodged high up in a tree.

    I searched the dub-dub-dub for a film still, but couldn’t find one. It does, however, appear in this trailer, at the 2:54 mark, Sorry about the advertisement in the beginning.

    pannonica: thanks for the link, but it just says “this film is not available in your country”. It sounds like a good film though.

  7. Oh, phooey. Dumb IMDB.

    Well, if you manage to find the trailer for it (maybe on YouTube?) it should be there, towards the end.

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