Swiss Army Knives



Do Swiss army cooks have special giant Swiss Army knives that include: pancake flippers, potato peelers, cheese graters, ladles, salad tongs, spatulas, and ice cream scoops?

note: I bet the Swiss Navy would be “world class kickass” if they had a cool knife like those army people!

double note: the guy who invented the Swiss Army spoon is probably very bitter.

11 responses to “Swiss Army Knives

  1. I would say yes, and they probably wear Swiss Army watches, yodel a lot and ‘drive’ cows to work, shaking their bells in rare hillside traffic jams.

  2. One like the photo would rip holes in your trousers. You’d need an annex to your pocket to carry such a knife.

  3. n²:
    It’s a little-known fact that the inventor of the Swiss Army Spoon and the inventor of the Swiss Army Fork merged their companies to create the Swiss Army Spork.

    Unfortunately, it was just too silly to exist and the company went under.

  4. Oh jeez. Didn’t mean to bold the whole thing. Editor, editor!

  5. I betcha McGyver has one of those babies!

  6. The Swiss Army Spoon inventor is to the Swiss Army Knife as Pete Best is to Ringo Starr.

  7. The model currently used by the Swiss military does not have the corkscrew. What’s the use of remaining neutral? They might as well go to war!

  8. I guess thats why Army cargo pants have such large pockets, to fit such huge pocket knives in.
    The Swiss Navy Knife has a fold out inflatable life raft

  9. The Swiss Army Spork wouldn’t have went under if they’d incorporated the Swiss Navy Knife’s fold out inflatable life raft

  10. I have a prosthetic Swiss army hand. Unfortunately, my thumb is lacking in a can opener.

  11. I love all the comments!! Thanks!

    pannonica: your comment is bold! very bold indeed! hee hee

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